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Chef  Shaun  Belangia  Is  from  the  area  and  has  grown  up  here  his  entire  life.  He  has  seen  the  devolopment  of  both  Dare  and  Currituck  County.  The  one  constant  in  our  area  is  that  we  are  seasonal  vacation  area  and  everyone  has  to  eat.  Shaun  has  been  in  the  restaurant  industry  for  over  20 yrs.  Before  opening  his  own  restaurant  he  was  the  Executive  Chef  at  the  Hilton  Garden  Inn  in  Kitty  Hawk,  and  has  done  well  over  300  events  in  his  time  there.

Knowing  the need  for  more  personal  chefs  in  our  area  he  has  decided  to  take  the  next  step  in  his  career  and  give  clients  a  more  ”Personal“  touch.  Being  able  to  come  to  your  home  or  rental  so  you  don’t  have  to  leave  and  try  to  manage  getting  a  table  at  one  of  the  restaurants  during  the  season.

If  you  are  interested  you  can drop us a line, and see what we can do for you. We can create a custom menu for you or you can pick from one of ours that we have put together for other clients.


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